Supporting Association

Without committing to a specific school within Theravada Tradition or to a particular teacher, the monastery is available to all seriously aspiring nuns and female aspirants based on the Dhamma-Vinaya (doctrine and discipline) truthfully handed down to date in the Pali Canon, and this opportunity may be given for Non-Ordained to practice together with the nuns.

The purpose of the Association is to promote Buddhist Religion in Germany. Its mission consists in providing, solely on a donation basis (dāna), the material bases for the maintenance of the monastery or further monasteries, and fostering the growth of a local Buddhist community of nuns and lay people by giving the opportunity to devote oneself, in seclusion, to the study and practice of the original teachings of the Buddha, thus acting for the benefit of all in a loving and peaceful way.

The Association is the administrator of the monastic buildings donated to the Sangha. It conducts the business of the Sangha, and is its legal representative. Furthermore the Association assists the nuns in general (for example: maintenance of the buildings and premises, transportation, dealing with Authorities, visiting doctors, hospitals etc.)

The Association is a non-profit organization, and acts exclusively for religious purposes. The members and the Board of Directors receive no compensation from the funds of the Association.

The Association was founded in 2008 and is headed by a Board of Directors. First Chairman of the ‘Buddhistisches Nonnenkloster e.V.’ (Buddhist Nunnery Registered Association) is currently Elvira Keppler.

Active involvement in the Association is welcome. For questions regarding the Association, its activities, joining the Association, or donations to the Sangha (the provision of specific skills, is a very welcome Dāna in addition to donations in kind), please contact:

Elvira Keppler
Am Christbrand 2
88410 Bad Wurzach, Germany

Tel.: +49/(0)75641662


Financial support for the ongoing maintenance costs of the monastery (e.g. for electricity, water, gas, wood, car, repairs, etc.) and/or donations to the Bhikkhuni-Sangha (e.g. contributions to health insurance, medical costs, travel expenses, etc.) can be made to the this account:

Buddhistisches Nonnenkloster e.V.

Hypo Vereinsbank, Bahnhofstraße 9, 87534 Oberstaufen, Germany
account-number: 366 709 630
BLZ: 733 223 80
IBAN: DE68 7332 2380 0366 7096 30

Endowment contributions or donations (promoting the long-term purpose of the association) can be made to the this account:


account-number: 11049419
BLZ: 733 223 80
IBAN: DE74 7332 2380 0011 0494 19