The Monastery Anenja Vihara

Aneñja Vihara is a monastery for the training and practice of Bhikkhunis (fully ordained Buddhist nuns) according to the Theravada Tradition. The monastery follows the standards of the Dhamma-Vinaya, as they were laid down by the Lord Buddha himself and as they have been transmitted in the Sutta- and Vinaya-Pitaka of the Pāli Canon.

The Bhikkhuni-Vinaya is the guiding principle for all conditions at the monastery. This Buddhist monastic code is present in all schedules and regulations.

Buddhist nuns with sincere interest in practicing according to Dhamma-Vinaya are very welcome to stay on long term.

Aneñja Vihara was officially opened on April 1st, 2007. The monastery is based entirely on the principle of „dāna“, which means generous giving. Accordingly, Aneñja Vihara would not have come into existence without the generosity of devoted lay supporters, and it is through their continued voluntary support in many ways that it can continue to exist.