Visiting the Monastery

For Lay people

Aneñja Vihara offers women and men who are seriously interested in the teachings of the Buddha the opportunity to spend some time at the monastery. The first visit may last up to three full days (+ day of arrival and departure); the second may last up to two weeks. In special cases – particularly when there is interest in ordination – a longer stay of several months may be considered.

Conditions for staying are the observance of the monastery rules, following the daily schedule, and the willingness to help in the kitchen and all other necessary work.

The regulations at the monastery are based on the Dhamma-Vinaya; and the ethical bases for lay people are the „Eight Precepts“, which were recommended by the Lord Buddha himself for their more intensive Dhamma-practice. This means undertaking the training-rules of

  1. Not killing or harming any living beings
  2. Not taking what has not been given
  3. Abstaining from sexual activity
  4. Refraining from false speech, no idle chatter
  5. Not taking any intoxicating substances
  6. Not eating at the wrong time (only between dawn and noon)
  7. Not using any substances for beautification, and abstaining from entertainment
  8. Not using high (luxurious) beds or seats

Aneñja Vihara is a Bhikkhuni-monastery with an emphasis on meditation practice. However, it is not a „meditation centre“ in the sense that meditation retreats with a tight structure, daily teachings and interviews, are exceptions, not the regular way of the monastery. This monastic life style requires self-reliance and self-discipline, while individual guidance and support will be available.

The study of the Buddha’s teachings, especially the scriptures of the Pāli Canon itself, is another priority at Aneñja Vihara. Each person may determine by her- /himself to which extent to study, to which extent to meditate.

Furthermore, the monastery is a place of learning to support the Sangha through various activities (cooking, gardening, snow removal, driving etc.), and to develop mindfulness in doing these, at the same time perfecting one’s generosity, selfless giving.

Guests are asked to bring practical and comfortable clothing – including warm clothing -, and an alarm clock. Bedsheets may be provided for guests arriving by public transport.  Please bring your own bedsheets or a sleeping bag, if you come by car!

Please check out the times in our calendar on this site, when visits are possible / not possible.

For people living nearby, it is possible to join in the communal evening practice (chanting and meditation) and to come and listen to Dhammatalks.